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DMSO 99 UK are the UK’s largest supplier of pure grade Dimethyl sulfoxide supplies. Our dedicated range of DMSO 99 products consist of >99.9% pure grade Dimethyl sulfoxide.

DMSO (CH₃)₂SO is an important colourless liquid organosulfur solvent used as a catalyst for combining and absorbing many compounds within chemistry that readily combines and can penetrate organic matter with both polar and non-polar compounds.  As a pure grade DMSO 99 supplier, we maintain a consistent quality standard with all our supplies and provide the best possible quality & service available online. When handling DMSO, handle with care and follow safety guidlines. DMSO is provided strictly for use as a solvent only. If you need help with your order, email us today and our team will help.

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When you require assistance on your supplies or orders, our 24/7 online support team are available to assist. For further enquires, we can also be reached during office hours by freephone.

Dedicated Supplies & Service

All DMSO 99 supplies consist of minimum 99.9% pure Dimethyl sulfoxide. (Crystallisation occurs at temperetures below 18.3ºC)

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We provide monthly supply options for our clients who require secured routine monthly shipments of DMSO 99 liquid supplies. Enquire now or place your order online with us today.

Payments are handled by subscription order and can be cancelled at any time.

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